The FITO Mission

Ambitious, insightful, and courageous young people who share a passion for enterprise are often told to “get a good education and find a good job.” Considering that 60-70 percent of the United States economy is generated by small to medium sized businesses and employs more than half of working adults, an initiative that “cultivates” the early passion for entrepreneurship can field proficient players sooner.
The interns’ entrepreneurial interest is linked with a related business opportunity that serves to build their knowledge of the targeted industry and develop their relevant core skills. The mission outlines practical steps to ownership and principles in the creation of transferrable wealth. “From Internship to Ownership Inc.” (FITO) offers tomorrow’s captains of the larger economy a direct path to it.
FITO responds to the “Urgency of now” catching young hearts at a pivotal moment when business opportunities and career options can best be aligned with their interests. Their desires to earn are fed with knowledge and practices that success requires of them, to learn.

Opportunities and Rewards of the Initiative

Interns receive hands-on experience running and operating the business they intern with.
Interns are put on our straight-path program and mentored by expert entrepreneurs in their field of interest.
Junior Executives of our incubator business and industrial projects become key executives or managers of new businesses and corporations.
Interns, also earn ownership interest or shares for their outstanding work in the new company.

Building a direct path to ownership for tomorrow’s enterprise leaders