Dr. Jeanette Gibson, Executive Committee


Dr. Jeanette Gibson

Executive Committee

Dr. Gibson is a retired associate professor with the University System of Georgia. She earned BA and Dip Ed in Guyana; MA in Comparative Literature in Nigeria; and PhD in Communicative Arts Education from Georgia State University. Throughout her career, Dr. Gibson has worked with students at the high school and college levels.

Her educational experiences are diverse: She has taught high school and college and studied in three different continents, under both the British and American educational systems. She has presented at national and international professional conferences. She has been an active participant in two Funds for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE) grants and One Ford Foundation Grant. She has been an executive editor for a college publication (The Polishing Cloth) for two years and the college-wide coordinator of The High School Literary Competition for 10 years. She was a Yale Fellow for 2009. She was trained as an administrator, was a College Site Leader for a FIPSE Dissemination Grant, was an Associate Department Head for Humanities, as well as an Academic Coordinator at the College. She headed several search committees, facilitated several teaching retreats at the college, trained both college and high school, and presently trains teachers to rate AP English Language papers as a table leader. She has received accolades from colleagues, students and administrators.

She is presently working on publishing a book of poetry, writing about her experiences as a teacher (and an expatriate in Nigeria) and trying to address some of the issues that cause so many of our students to underperform, and our educational system to fail them. She believes that education is as vital to a good life as is food.