From Internship to Ownership started about two years ago with Founder James Orin Ogle coaching his son, Khari, and nephew, Garfield, in setting up their real estate investment companies. The idea sprouted from an earlier initiative – the Social Compact Project- that promised to create tomorrow’s leaders today with political and social justice underpinnings at its core.

Mr. Ogle is a career entrepreneur, student of enterprise, and proponent of free markets. He is equally passionate about fair access to the means for the creation of wealth and of equitable rewards for all members of society. Nailah Ogle, his daughter developed the initiative into a program that charges itself with building up the next generation of business owners and industrialists.

This program aims to facilitate the entre of a broad base of passionate next generation entrepreneurs into the world of enterprise and wealth creation. The mission aims to prepare them for the demands of successful enterprise by mentoring them on a straight-path to business and to business ownership. Furthermore, they will become aware of their responsibility that creating true wealth can only occur in an environment of social justice and economic parity. They will accept that as they grow in their business endeavors they must reach back and guide others along the path to entrepreneurial success that they were once on.

In this light, FITO aspires to be an initiative that would make a greater contribution to society than merely teaching tomorrow’s captains of industry how to create wealth and increase shareholders’ value. Our mission is to improve the social order as we have come to know it by pointing and preparing the young and the passionate towards wealth creation through creativity, competence and dynamic network building anchored in a social justice framework.

The organization will achieve its goals by simultaneously implementing the integration of creative, provocative and stimulating ways of engaging participants in both the excitement of wealth creation and the gratification of building healthy and prosperous communities.

From Internship to Ownership-a certified 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation- was officially incorporated in June 15, 2015. We are excited to announce the establishment of our first international Chapter in the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, South America. More information forthcoming!

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